Growers face a perfect storm of challenges as consumers demand more


With demand for organic food being driven by increasing awareness of the potential harm caused by pesticides, as well as their impact on the planet’s biodiversity, growers are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver in truly sustainable ways.

Consumers increasingly take the view that while legal residue limits for pesticides may be “safe” in terms of short-term toxicity, they do not mean “healthy”. More and more people are choosing organic produce, and shopping with retailers that set their internal specifications for pesticide residues at lower levels than the legally mandated ones.

Globally, awareness of the loss of biodiversity is also on the rise. According to Nature, a scientific journal, and the United Nations, up to one million plant and animal species face extinction, many within decades, because of human activities. According to the report, agricultural activities have had the largest impact on ecosystems that people depend on for food, clean water and a stable climate. This loss of species and habitats poses as much a danger to life on Earth as climate change does.

These factors represent a perfect storm for growers, who now need to deliver food with less pesticide residue in a sustainable way, while increasing productivity. At BioPhero, we believe the answer is innovation. Effective and sustainable solutions such as mating-disruption pheromones represent the next frontier in crop management.