To feed the world without destroying the planet, we need new technologies to drive sustainable agriculture


Pests are a nuisance to farmers – and no more so than now. The continuous fields of modern monoculture constitute the perfect breeding ground for more pests with more insecticide resistance.

Pesticides have without doubt increased agricultural productivity, but they also come with a cost to human and environmental health alike. The combination of insecticide resistance and growing consumer and regulatory demands is leaving farmers with fewer and fewer pesticides to choose from.

With crop losses caused by pests estimated at up to 20% globally, there is an urgent need to rethink insect control through the development of efficient but safe and affordable solutions. The need is very real – to the growers whose livelihood is at risk, to the companies whose products are losing effectiveness, to the billions of people whose food security is threatened and to the species and habitats under threat by dwindling biodiversity.

Our mission at BioPhero is to develop the pest control solutions of the future.