Products of forward thinking.


Here at BioPhero, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve created a technology platform encompassing all the scientific disciplines required to make production strains for pheromones and other biological products, as well as the know-how to design and scale up production processes for industrial application.

What’s more, we hold intellectual property rights on key parts of the most efficient fermentation routes, as well as on inventions in the process area. Thanks to our platform, we’re able to continuously develop and launch new products, leveraging the technology we develop from product to product.

Our biotechnology platform


BioPhero’s integrated and proprietary bio-production platform is more cost-effective than chemical synthesis.
  • Sustainable bio-production of pheromones
  • Proven and scalable production method to meet demand for row crop application
  • Significantly more cost-effective compared to chemical synthesis
  • Excellent long-term optimization potential
  • Production platform many different pheromone products
  • Proprietary production strains and process IP