BioPhero’s pheromones control some of the world’s worst pests


Our target is to provide economical, effective and environmentally friendly pheromones for large-scale agriculture.

BioPhero supplies concentrated and stabilised pheromones that can be used as active ingredients in pest control formulations based on mating disruption. We are continuously expanding our product range to support further use of pheromones in row crops.

We offer active pheromone ingredients that target the main pests of corn, rice, soybeans and many other crops. Our customers are other innovative companies that use our active ingredients either alone or in combination with other pheromones or compounds.

Cotton Bollworm

Helicoverpa armigera

Main Pheromone Component:
Z11-16 Aldehyde

Secondary Pheromone Component:
Z9-16 Aldehyde

Diamondback Moth

Plutella xylostella

Main Pheromone Components:
Z11-16 Aldehyde

Z11-16 Acetate

Rice Stem Borers

Chilo suppressalis &
Scirpophaga Incertulas

Main Pheromone Component:
Z11-16 Aldehyde

Secondary Pheromone Components:
Z9-16 Aldehyde

Fall Armyworm

Spodoptera frugiperda

Main Pheromone Component:
Z9-14 Acetate

Our pheromone products are natural


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from the world’s leading laboratory for carbon-14 analysis – Beta Analytic of the US:

BioPhero's pheromones are natural


The conclusion is clear: BioPhero’s pheromone products are fully derived from renewable carbon sources of plant origin.

More information: Beta Analytic’s Biological Analysis Report and Beta Analytic’s accompanying letter