BioPhero produces pheromones like those made by insects in nature


Pheromones have until now been produced using chemical synthesis, whereby complex chemical compounds are constructed from simpler ones. This is a complicated and costly process, which have made pheromone products largely uneconomical for use in large-scale agriculture. This is our solution:

Our innovative technology is based on the fact that insects make the best insect pheromones. We use the same enzymes as insects to produce pheromones – but we do it in yeast. Our yeast strains are like tiny cell factories optimised for production of pheromones. We grow them in large fermentation tanks to produce insect pheromones at industrial scale. The input for this fermentation process – what the yeast cells feed on – is a renewable raw material, glycerol, derived from biodiesel production.

The yeast cells we use come from a family of yeast widely used in food production. Our fermentation process is just like brewing beer – and no different from making insulin for diabetes treatment or enzymes for washing powders. It is a safe, sustainable and radically efficient process.

BioPhero produces pheromones in a simple single-step fermentation process


BioPhero production