Pheromones are easily applied just like insecticides


BioPhero holds a unique position in the pheromone industry. Unlike other players, we sell pheromones as active ingredients. Our pheromones can therefore be used by multiple crop protection companies – ultimately securing a much larger impact in terms of sustainability.

Our customers are large agrochemical companies and small niche formulators with a focus on biological control solutions. They develop pheromone formulations suitable for application in row crops, typically using slow release systems of microencapsulated pheromones to optimise crop adherence and release rate.

Application of Pheromones

It is only viable to manually place pheromone dispensers in a high-value niche crop such as grapes or apples

Due to the competitive cost of BioPhero's solutions, pheromones can now be applied in row crops using agricultural sprayers

New methods are being developed using drones that apply pheromones in blobs throughout a field