Let’s feed the world… without harming it


As biological pheromones reduce or even replace conventional chemical insecticides we will see a positive impact on the health of the environment, humans and businesses.

Pheromones do not kill insects. They are used to disrupt their mating. In addition, they are species-specific. This means that every insect species produces its own pheromone perfume. This is good news for biodiversity, as non-target species like bees and other beneficial insects are not disrupted.

Pheromones are applied in very small quantities similar to those naturally emitted by insects. They do not have to cover every plant in a field to confuse the insects. Furthermore, they are volatile and biodegradable molecules, which minimises the risk of residues and run-offs to waterways and aquifers. Authorities have, therefore, concluded that pheromones – in contrast to chemical pesticides – have no adverse effects on animals or humans.


Pheromones are safe and environmentally friendly