Row crop

From 1 million to 100 million hectares annually


Mating Disruption has been confined to high-value crops, touching around ~0.1% of the world’s total harvested agricultural area. With the expansion into row crops, Mating Disruption can be used to protect maize, soybean, and rice, representing more than a third of the world’s total harvested area.

Mating Disruption for row crops will take off within the next five years, as the two key technological barriers are about to be resolved:

  1. The lack of equipment for applying Mating Disruption formulations over wider areas
  2. The high cost of synthetic pheromones.

Pheromone companies have already developed Mating Disruption formulations that can be applied using existing farming machinery and BioPhero has developed fermentation technology to produce pheromones at a fraction of the cost of the synthetic pheromones.