Pest Management

Pheromones poised to play a key role in IPM


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a concept where a combination of pest control methods are applied with a view to maintaining productivity. These include soil management, crop rotation, and better management of the biological balance in the field. Biological pest control is a key part of IPM, and pheromone-based Mating Disruption solutions have the potential to greatly increase its effectiveness.

The ease of application, the initial effectiveness, and the low cost of GMO seeds and conventional insecticides have made them the standard choice in large-scale agriculture. But with the onset of widespread resistance, and the de-registration of many insecticides due to demands for higher consumer and environmental safety standards, it’s becoming harder to maintain productivity by simply using these same tools with increasing intensity.

Growers, and the crop protection industry which supplies them, are well aware of the limitations of conventional solutions. In their quest to improve cultivation practices, many growers are turning to IPM. The attractiveness of pheromones lies both in their truly sustainable mode-of-action, and in the fact that their effectiveness against important pests is proven.

Pheromones are likely to become a key tool in IPM solutions in combination with other solutions for plant protection. The species-specificity of pheromones is a great advantage for biodiversity and maintenance of a population of beneficial insects. This also means that more than one tool needs to be deployed to protect the crops if multiple pests need to be controlled. The trend towards more intelligent, precise and sustainable crop protection solutions points to a future where pheromone technology becomes part of the industry standard.

Current Crop Protection Solution


  • Affordable treatment
  • Convenient application
  • Effective Mode of Action (Kill)
  • Non sustainable solution
  • High Insect Resistance

IPM with Mating Disruption:


  • Affordable treatment using BioPhero’s technology
  • Convenient application (sprayable)
  • Effective Mode of Action (Confuse)
  • Sustainable solution
  • No Insect Resistance