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BioPhero to join FMC Corporation

Jun 29, 2022

BioPhero has signed an agreement to join FMC Corporation to accelerate the development of...

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BioPhero closes first sale

May 3, 2022

BioPhero has reached a major milestone by closing and supplying its first commercial sale....

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CSO Irina Borodina in the lab at BioPhero

CSO Irina Borodina shortlisted for EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Mar 29, 2022

BioPhero CSO and co-founder Irina Borodina explains the wonders of pheromones in this video...

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First product in field trials

Oct 25, 2021

BioPhero’s first pheromone product is proving itself in field trials across the world. Various...

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The EU project OLEFINE has released a video on producing insect sex pheromones by fermentation.

Oct 31, 2019

BioPhero's Founder and CTO Irina Borodina is awarded the 2019 EU Prize for Women Innovators as announced by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, at this year’s VivaTech conference in Paris.

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Irina Borodina wins 2019 EU Prize for Women Innovators

May 17, 2019

Modern agricultural practices involving the extensive use of GMO crops and chemical insecticides create an environment with less genetic and biological variation in order to maximize the yield of agricultural products. But with insect resistance to pesticide growing, the need for new pest control technology is fast becoming urgent.

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