February 22, 2021

BioPhero joins forces with the Alliance for BioSolutions

A new initiative has come out of Denmark that aims to strengthen the Biosolutions sector and nurture framework conditions that will help it grow as fast as possible. BioPhero is thrilled to join forces as founding member with major players Novozymes and Chr. Hansen in the Alliance for BioSolutions initiative to roll out the red carpet of innovation in biological solutions.

Biological solutions can be one of the most important contributions to solving agricultural challenges in terms of environment, biodiversity, climate and productivity growth. First of all, there is a lot of research and innovation creating new biological solutions that can contribute new and more sustainable ways of farming. Secondly, it is clear that biological problems are best and most gently solved with biological solutions rather than with chemistry. The production of biological solutions today has reached a scale and efficiency that allows them to be used in the global main markets.

The largest need for change in this arena is on the EU level. That’s why this alliance is important for us – because we speak with a resounding voice and can thereby influence legislation. The biggest challenge is to get the political system aligned with the possibilities of Biotech whose products help a number of industries to become greener; such as alternative proteins for agriculture and green fuel for transport,” explains Brian Mikkelsen, Director of Dansk Erhverv.

This alliance concretely strengthens the possibility of reaping the enormous innovation and environmental potential that comes with increasing the use of biological solutions – including pheromones – thereby striving to replace toxins and other unsustainable technologies.

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