August 19, 2021

BioPhero commissions fermentation unit

BioPhero can now test and produce larger quantities of pheromones at its headquarters in Copenhagen. On 17 August, the company inaugurated a pilot fermentation facility for production of pheromones.

“This is a key element in our efforts to deliver pheromones to the market using our fermentation platform. The in-house pilot capability will both accelerate development of fermentation processes for new pheromones and production of pheromone samples for our customers’ field tests,” says BioPhero CEO Kristian Ebbensgaard.

Appropriately, the new fermentation facility was inaugurated by Steen Riisgaard, Vice Chair of Novo Holdings. As former first CEO of Novozymes, the world leader in industrial enzymes, Steen Riisgaard knows what it takes to grow a small biotech company into a global success story. Just like BioPhero Chief Scientific Officer Irina Borodina knew what she was after when she founded BioPhero – the next Novozymes.

BioPhero produces biological pheromone solutions to affordable and environmentally friendly control of agricultural pests.