BioPhero to join
FMC Corporation

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BioPhero CEO Kristian Ebbensgaard comments on the deal: Letter from the CEO

As a founder of BioPhero it has been gratifying to watch the company grow. In the last couple of years, BioPhero has developed from a small startup to an established biotech company. We now have the team, the technology and the production capability to produce pheromones that outperform available pest control solutions. Together with FMC, I look forward to accelerating the development of new insect pest products. The world needs our solutions.

BioPhero Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder Irina Borodina

BioPhero CSO Irina Borodina

Joining FMC will create a solid foundation for our future, accelerating R&D operations and the development of new pheromones. This transaction will increase BioPhero’s scale of operations, supporting our dream of BioPhero pheromones making a positive difference for farmers around the world. I look forward to this continuation of our journey.

BioPhero Chief Executive Officer Kristian Ebbensgaard

BioPhero CEO Kristian Ebbensgaard in the field


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BioPhero Marketing & Communications Manager
Camilla Hebo Buus
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