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Our vision


BioPhero’s vision is to make agriculture more sustainable by enabling the application of pheromones for effective pest control in large-scale row crops.

The market for chemical insecticides is worth €16 billion. Together with ag-chem players and pheromone specialists, BioPhero will claim a significant share of this market with pheromone applications.

Our goal is to become the principal supplier of high-volume pheromone active ingredients (AI) as we become the market leader within this new billion-euro market.


BioPhero was founded by Dr. Irina Borodina as a technology spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark in 2016. The purpose was to commercialise novel technology for the production of pheromones.


Lersø Parkallé 42, 2100 København, Denmark

BioPhero ApS

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