About Us

Working with Nature to Protect Crops


BioPhero’s mission is to lead the global transition towards sustainable agriculture, where safe pheromone-based products become the primary method for pest control in row crops.

BioPhero was founded in 2016 by Dr. Irina Borodina as a biotechnology spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark with the clear objective to commercialise our novel yeast fermentation technology for the production of safe insecticide replacements.

A strong market demand for pheromones combined with the excellent sustainability profile of our technology and the potential of our manufacturing platform has established BioPhero in the market for pest control in only a few years.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Lersø Parkallé 42, 2100 København, Denmark

BioPhero ApS (an entity of FMC Corporation)

Lersø Parkallé 42-44, 4. th.

2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Phone: (+45) +45 21 99 80 30

Company registration number: DK38109340